Life began when I sought Him for Him.

When I stopped poking my head through the door of His study just long enough to ask If I was making any mistakes, if He had a comforting phrase to get me through the day, or if He felt like handing me a gift through the sliver of door-space that I would then dash away with to show off to my friends.

Life began when I saw God accurately.

Not a watered-down, safe, culturally-tamed version of Him. Not even the image I had carefully sketched in my minuscule mind coming from scraps fed to me from parents, pastors, devotional guides and edgy podcasts.

Life began where logic and religion ended.

When it wasn’t always black and white but an endless maze of grey where I had to trust constantly in His moment-by-moment whispers…not in a check-list He’d dropped off for me at the beginning of the day.

Life began when I gritted my teeth, flung the door open, and ran head-long into the furnace of His love that cannot be explained – only experienced.

On these pages this lowly scribe – singed, glowing, and scarred by battle and wonder – scribbles the few words she can find to try to describe what she’s found behind this door… dancing in these eyes…throbbing in this heart.

This heart.

Oh this heart!

The heart of Heaven Himself.


From a little town in Washington State to tumultuous Los Angeles California, I have been pursued by the greatest Love the cosmos has ever known- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I have many hobbies (drawing, making waffles, running through the park in my unicorn onesie), but I hustle for the crafts of performing arts, writing, and Muay Thai.

I started writing at the age of 8 when my mom gave me my first diary (Lisa Frank unicorn – of course), and have filled a whole journal (now 2) each year since the age of 12.

When I’m not pouring over a book or building the writer’s callous on my finger, I’m leading the youth band at my local church, practicing martial arts, or exploring one of LA’s many magical coffee shops.

Follow along in my adventures here and on Instagram: @thatJEWEL, and shoot me a message sometime!