Character Interviews | Ryder Kline

The Edgelin Times

“Neighbor to Neighbor”

Interviewer: Barth Gramson

Neighbor: Ryder Kline

B- Well this is always a real pleasure. Today ladies and gentlemen we have a stunning and skilled woman amongst us. Her given name is Rydell, but you probably know and love her as “Ryder,” winner of the horsemanship games five years in a row now. Ryder thanks for joining us.

R- Of course Mr. Gramson, it’s always an honor to be interviewed for your wonderful publication.

B- Well well, So kind of you to say so. Very kind. So first things first. For those who don’t know you- though I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t- tell us a bit about your childhood.

R- Of course. I was born and raised right here in Edgelin. My father was a general in the Owr army, and my mother is a seamstress and uh…she was a little disappointed I chose my dad’s trade over hers.

G- Haha. I can imagine! So you weren’t drawn at all to sewing then?

R- Uh…I do it when I have to. But I’m not nearly patient enough for it. And I just get antsy. I hate sitting still for so long. My mother is amazing. When we were kids, she’d for hours sewing and listening to us recite our lessons.

G- She is a very remarkable woman. So how did you get started in your father’s trade?

R- Well it started with me just sneaking out after him in the morning. I’d follow him to the training grounds and climb up a tree- you know the gnarly spruce?

G- In the northeast corner of Barlow field?

R- Yep. I’d sit there for hours watching dad train, until my finally mom caught on that I wasn’t out looking for firewood in the mornings like she’d first assumed.

G- Haha. How old were you?

R- Oh…around six.

G- My my. And when did you start training yourself?

R- Well after a couple months of showing up at the fields to watch my dad finally decided this wasn’t just a passing interest for me, and decided to start training me. So yeah, I was about six when I started.

G- And you trained in all the fighting arts?

R- Yeah, I went through the usual courses. But of course, I put a little more time and devotion into one in particular.

G- Of course. Hence the nickname…and all the Horseman Games medallions you’ve collected.

R- Yeah. After trying out all the different skills- swordplay, weapons design, tree walking, tracking- I finally decided my true passion was anything that had to do with riding. I love the horses, but also just the riding itself. There’s nothing like the rush of the wind on my face, the thrill of the speed, feeling the power of the horse beneath me.

G- Tell me about when you met your first horse.

R- Oh…man. Best day of my life. Starflint was grey with white speckles on her backside, and I was in love at first sight. My dad had taken me out to inspect the horse market that year, but I thought we were just having a father-daughter day. I had no idea that he secretly wanted me to point out my favorite so he could get her for me! She cost a fortune I know it. He must have saved for years to buy her for me. But I woke up the next day and went out to draw water from the creek, only to drop everything and stand stunned. Stunned! He was standing there with her right outside our door. I was so overwhelmed I just sat down and cried.

G- What a beautiful moment.

R- Yeah. He really loved me so much…

G- He was a great man. We all owe him for his bravery in defending us in that last war.

R- Yeah…

G- Do you need a moment?

R-, I’m okay. Thank you though.

G- Of course. Well….now….can you tell me how you got involved with Kevley’s training program?

R- Oh Kevley was the first one to start tagging along with the soldiers. Of course…with Braumlin leading the army it only made sense. Even at that age he could barely be separated from his father. So he was there doing drills with…with Foxin…before…before I ever started snooping, and he’s just a couple years older than me. In fact it was probably seeing them around as kids that made my dad warm up to my training a little faster. Anyways, he and Foxin were kind enough to let me train along side them- though there was a fair share of teasing the girl- they were teenage boys after all. But overall they took care of me and took me seriously as I showed I was up for the challenge. So naturally…after the war and…everything…Kevley invited me to join him in starting his fight program. It really helped to take that teaching position…you know…got my mind off things…

G- Of course of course. So he teaches the weapons and you teach the horsemanship?

R- Yeah. Well he does a lot more than that. He’s so personalized in training with each student. It’s amazing.

G- He is a wonder. Okay now for a random question.

R- Uh oh.

G- What is your favorite stall at the market here?

R- You mean besides yours?

G- Well naturally!

R- Haha. Well…to be honest, I have to say Mad Sems. His clothing for fighters is superb, and when you’re on the back of a horse all day it’s important you don’t end up with burns and rashes and such. And after his, I’d have to say…Mondle’s spices. I love scents and I’m always looking for new soothing aromas for my horses to enjoy.

G- I see. Your stables probably smell better than Hanklin’s kitchen.

R- Well…I don’t know about that. But maybe. haha.

G- I’ll have to do a test one of these days…to find out once and for all.

R- Haha. How? By blindfolding someone and taking them to both places?

G- Hey that’s not a bad idea…

R- I think you’re just looking to get back at Hanklin for his snarky teasing.

G- …I bet Camden would be game. He’s always up for weird experiments…

R- Oh boy…now you’re asking for it. Bring Camden and Hanklin together and you’re really gonna have some entertainment.

G- You’re right…those two together, we’d never get anything beneficial accomplished. What was I thinking? It’d be insanity! Well, anyways. Thank you so much Ryder. It’s always a pleasure to chat with you.

R- Of course! Oh and don’t forget to mention in your article that I have a couple freshly trained horses for sale!

G- I’ll get it printed!

R- Great! See you later Barth.

G- Farewell! ….Ah…what a lovely creature. Fierce, beautiful, brave. She’s weathered such trials and yet continues to pour into the warriors of tomorrow. I think I can safely say the heart of every Edgelinian is with you Ryder, and praying daily for your husband’s safe return from the darklands. We will not give up hope. And we know Kevley will not forget his friend as long as he lives. Rescue is always on his mind.

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