Character Interviews – Skithera Burlock


The Edgelin Times

Neighbor to Neighbor
Interviewer: Barth Gramson
This Weeks Neighbor: Skithera Burlock



B- Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of neighbor to neighbor in your favorite news source, the Edgelin Times-

S- Is there another news source?

B- Er, uh…Yes folks today we have Kelvey’s star student Skithera Burlock! Skithera. Thank you so much for joining us today.

S- Didn’t really have a choice did I? Every year we’re required to do these blasted interviews.

B- Haha, yes I’m sure a fighter like you has other things on her mind, but we’re much obliged that you found time to fit this into your schedule. There are many potential students out there eager for a glimpse into the inner workings of the great Kevley’s training camp.

S- I’m sure there is.

B- Yes yes. Well, first off Skithera, for those who didn’t see your interview last year, tell us a bit about your background. Where are you from?

S- Dekkon.

B- Ah the mining town. I’m afraid we from Edgelin don’t get over there much. What’s it like?

S- Dark.

B- Oh uh…because of the mines of course. So when did you come to Edgelin?

S- A few years ago.

B- For Kevley’s training?

S- Yep.

B- Do you live with a relative?

S- Yep.

B- And that is?

S- Aunt Bez.

B- Aw yes. The school mistress of Uppertree. Very good. It must be a huge change moving from a village of majestic cliffs and mysterious caves to a forest realm. Do you…uh…what do you like about Edgelin?

S- Fighting.

B- What do you think about the rumors of a girl from Borrun coming to train with Kevley? She’d be the first girl from the coastal region to train.

S- It’d be good to have another girl to spar with.

B- I see I see. Okay well clearly your primary interest is the training. And why not? Students come from all over the kingdom to train with Kevley. Tell me about a typical day in his program?

S- We run the obstacle course. Several times. Then we either do horse training or weapons training.

B- And what is your favorite part?

S- Weapons.

B- What part of weapons training?

S- Using my weapon.

B- …Excellent. Okay, can you tell me about your weapon?

S- It’s about two and a half feet long, with a nice grip on the handle and sharp point that is shaped like a fish hook. I like to be able to inflict maximum damage when I thrust it into someone’s chest. The hooked head ensures that not much is left behind when I pull it out and-

B- I see I see. Well uh, I’m sure that is an excellent asset for…uh… warfare. Against the Vantik. You designed it yourself?

S- All the students design their own weapons.

B- Of course. And what an…interesting..direction you took with yours. Verry effective, I’m sure. Uh…Tell me about why you wanted to become a fighter.

S- Well. I’m not exactly homey…person..material.

B- No? Well, whatever you prefer. Tell me about Kevley’s teaching style.

S- He’s stern. To the point. Expects excellence.

B- Does he ever work with students one on one?

S- Yes.

B- How?

S- Sparring.

B- Skithera I would really appreciate a little more detail in your answers, please!

S- Sparring with the students.

B- …..Okay. um…what do you typically do with your days after training?

S- Train some more.

B- On your own?

S- Yes.

B- What do you do for your own training?

S- Drill what I learned that day. Practice on dummies I’ve built. Do strength exercises.

B- I see. So it’s safe to say your life is basically, all about your training. Do you ever take time for leisure or…spending time with friends?

S- …when I must.

B- Such as?

S- Walk-ing…through this, zoo of a market.

B- With friends?

S- Sometimes.

B- Who?

S- Other students.

B- And…other activities?

S- Tiptop.

B- Ah yes! Edgelin’s “tree top tea shop”, I just love it up there- with a nice cup of tea and a good book, or a good group of friends- don’t you?

S- No.

B- Eh- oh. Then why do you go?

S- People say I should. I go just to make them stop asking me.

B- I see. Well…when you’re mind is on becoming the best fighter, I suppose there is little space for anything else eh?

S- …

B- …Okay thank you Skithera. You’re free to go.

…And there you have it folks. Skithera Burlock. Arguably the best student in Kevley’s famous fighter training program. I guess we can’t blame her for not speaking with her mouth when she speaks so fluently with swordplay. With her steely grey eyes she freezes opponents where they stand and attacks with fierce and swift accuracy. I’ve seen it myself when I’ve gone to observe Kevley’s sessions. Yes sir…she may not be a wonder to listen to, but she’s a wonder to behold. We’ll be well off in our next war with the Vantik with warriors like Skithera on our side. So forgive her short answers and brief replies. She has a mind on other things than most of us like to enjoy. A mind…on the art of war. Skithera is one of a ki-

H- That girl looks like somebody fed her rocks as a baby.

G- Darnit Hanklin! Don’t you have better things to do on Market days than come lurking around my booth!

H- hehehe….

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