Why I Won’t Mind the Gap

Dental issues. Debt. Limited funds. No boyfriend.

It’s as though I’m fixated on a couple small gaps in this massive and breathtaking tapestry You’ve woven for me. I see myself standing close to this work of art and bending over, staring at that one little corner with those tiny little holes.


If I take a step back and look at the the whole…entire portions that were burnt or destroyed have been re-woven and made more dazzling than before. When I take in the stunning artistry of my life- can I really think you won’t continue until every hole and gap are filled with Love?


So why do my betrayal-eyes keep traveling to those holes?

God entrap my eyes with Your beauty! Hold my heart in gratitude. It doesn’t mean I pretend those gaps- those desires- don’t exist. But it does mean that I’m so confident that you’ll get to them that I barely give them a thought. Wrap me up in the patterns and colors You’ve already designed. Fixate my heart of those.

I want to study the details of redemption.

To trace the lines of love.

Until my life is all remade.

And all my heart undone.


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