Of Flesh & Fire


The essence of fire is two-sided. It can either illuminate or consume. A warrior who is all fire will merely consume what is in his path and leave a wasted blackness in his wake. There is nothing glorious or admirable in this. Too many warriors, fighters and leaders are so absorbed with their own vision of glory that they have no room to think about bringing illumination for others. Therefore I propose that the truly great warriors have more than solely fire inside them, there is also flesh.

It is the flesh that can feel, absorb beauty, and bleed for others. It’s the flesh that is burnt a bit- singed by the cutting heat that shares it’s cage, but it opts to bear the burning if it means it will remain human. Human enough to be affected. Affected by love. By courage. By people.

True, letting the flesh be fully consumed by the fire would be the less painful way to go. But there lives the true tragedy, because when the fire has consumed all, it then finds itself alone. But the warrior’s heart guards the flesh even as it fuels the fire, and inside that cage the wonder that is a hero thrives.

I’ve studied three different warriors. One famous, two a little less so. But all of them opted for the adventure- maybe not fully aware of the wounds they would endure, but fully relentless in their resolve to finish the fight. Since there are several fighters from my gym stepping into the cage in April I will be releasing these posts each Thursday leading up to that week in honor of them. And also in honor of all the warriors and leaders in my life that inspire me every day. Because whether they’re in the ring, or fighting for love and justice outside of it, these men and women are my heroes. And the sting of my own flame clears my eyes to see theirs. And this scarred and blackened flesh knows first hand..

that a warriors heart

 is a cage of flesh and fire.


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