10 Lies that will Keep Your Dreams on the Shelf – #7

There is a contagious and noxious idea floating around. It claims that if someone is already doing what we want to do, and doing it well, there is no room for us. This is jealousy and pride. We think they are bringing more value to the art or career than we ever will, and if what they bring is better we shouldn’t even try.

The only way to break free from this idea is to compare yourself with yourself and no one else. My incredible vocal coach Dennis Lamar once mentioned that we hear hundreds of love songs…yet people are still writing love songs and we still enjoy them! Why do we think just because it’s been done that we can’t bring something unique, valuable and extraordinary just as powerful as the people that have gone before us?

Your art is powerful not because it’s better than someone else’s, but because it’s different than someone else’s. Don’t focus on becoming better than someone else….only focus on becoming the best YOU.


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