This is Where You Draw the Line

20120905-101722.jpgI’m having a hard time this morning. The moody skies mirror my inward struggle. I’ve never been the political one in my family. I figured having a dad that is heavy in politics gives you a get-out-of-politics free card because he automatically does all the heavy lifting in the family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested in how laws affect people, and my country, and especially what kind of a country I’ll one day bring children into. But though I was blessed with a heart that cares about it, I wasn’t blessed with a brain that easily comprehends it. I try, I really try. And often I understand it when it’s explained to me or when I read it…but retaining it and creating meaningful converstations about it on my own is another story. Though I believe strongly about things, I avoid stating my opinions because I don’t know how to articulate my beliefs. But this has lead to all-out laziness in my responsibility as an American citizen. I’m registered to vote, but that usually means cramming in online-info about candidates the night before the election like it’s the night before a big test. I have no hope of getting an accurate perspective in that short amount of time, or knowing which sources I’m reading are reliable, so I end up voting for the 3 people I know about and leaving the rest blank. Shameful. It is a challenge for me. True. But that is no excuse for me to leave my responsibility up to someone else.

We know that only about 50 percent of registered voters actually cast
a ballot. But David Barton says that 40 percent of Christians haven’t even
bothered to register to vote. They’ve chosen comfort over liberty, never realizing that such a choice spells death for both. -Jeff Myers

I’m ashamed to admit I fall into this category. Caring about an issue doesn’t change it. Action does. And I haven’t made taking action a priority. Reading this today gave me quite a wake up call…

The speaker was Eric Metaxas, best-selling author of Bonhoeffer, the biography of a minister who paid with his life for standing against Hitler’s godless tyranny. More than 2,700 people have shown up to occupy the 1,500 seats. They’re sitting in the aisles
and packing into every available overflow space. Everyone knows this will be a defining evening….Then I throw the curve ball. “Eric, a lot of people want to know what Christians should do about the Health and Human Services mandate that forces employers who provide health insurance to cover so-called contraceptives that can cause abortion. Is this a big enough deal to take a stand on?” Eric’s reply stuns us all. He explains that in Nazi Germany the abuses against the Jews started out as small bureaucratic rule changes. Then no one objected, the Nazis pushed harder, destroying more freedoms. He concludes by saying, “You can’t sit this one out. This is where you have to draw the line.”

This is where I ask myself: is my comfort- avoiding difficult topics or keeping my schedule free for things I enjoy- more important than the freedoms that are at risk right now? Politics may be difficult for me…and I may be reeling to think of when I’d have time to research the issues and the candidates, but this is my responsibility as a citizen and as a Christian. I can’t stand idly by and still call myself a good sort of person.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke


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