my God is Magic

This is the God of my love.

This is the God I have sworn my life to.

He is not distant. He is not earthly or simple. He is not tame or safe.  He is magic.

Do you believe in witchcraft? In dark powers & demons? He is the reverse, but greater. He is the Magic of light that spills onto the earth and dances into our eyes. He is the Romance of the sunset that takes your breath hostage and fills your heart with tremors you can’t explain. He is the Instigator of your deepest desires and the Master-Artist that broke down weeping as He fashioned the beauty of your soul.

So in awe and in love even as He described you into existence.

He is the Electricity when you fall in love and the Tremble in your step as you move towards a dream.

He didn’t just make you and send you on your way. He gives you the opportunity to be endlessly created. Sin cuts us into a familiar shape. A shape that we see all around us, in anyone else who has given themselves to any sin like pride, or jealousy, or lust.

Sin makes us the same.

But God.

But Love!

But Creation Himself!

He’s not done.

Break free from the sin-box the enemy wants to stick you in along with all the others, and prove me wrong. Prove to me God doesn’t have something new for you. Not just to restore you to the original beauty He started with when He loved you into being. But an ever growing, ever-surging, never-before-seen life.

In sin life is limited. But in Love, in God, it is boundless. Limitless. Endless.

He has something in mind for you that this world has never seen before. Never imagined. Never experienced . Pure creation. Isn’t that the longing of all our hearts? To be something completely different altogether? A  life that people see and think, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

That is the work of my God. Because my God is magic. He doesn’t use the same old tricks. He doesn’t create clones. He doesn’t limit you to the same path, the same look, the same mold as ANYONE else that has EVER existed. He has nothing but new life & new love to offer you.

New to only you.  Not the same life and love He has given anyone else in the history of the world.  And it’s for you.

Only. you.

This is the God of my love. And my God….is magic.


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  1. Sally Dubinsky says:

    Love this Jewel. Just beautiful.

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